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Cheap Ghillie Suit- Intro

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A Ghillie Suit, or also referred to as a Yowie Suit is a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy underbrush. It is typically constructed from a net or cloth garment, which itself is made up of loose strips of cloth mixed with real or artificial twine, leaves and twigs. Hunters and snipers understand the importance of being completely camouflaged. In many situations, the effectiveness of their uniform’s ability to blend into their wildlife surroundings may be a life or death situation. The Ghillie Suit provides excellent concealment in some of nature’s harshest natural environments.

The Ghillie Suit was invented because snipers and hunters wanted true invisibility against their prey and enemy in the wildlife, keeping snipers, hunters and military personnel hidden and out of danger. Many consider the Ghillie Suit a human invisibility cloak and come in many different styles and forms that include a full body suit, Poncho Style Ghillie Suits, Ghillie Pants, Upper Body Ghillie Suits, Back Packs, Face Veils, Head Covers, and more. How the suit is made and the materials used in the suit are very important to ensure that you get as much concealment as possible. Experienced hunters and snipers will often make their own suit or use a pre-made suit and add natural material from the environment where the suit will be worn.You may want to check out cheap ghillie suit for more.

Nonetheless, making your own Ghillie Suit is extremely time consuming and labor intensive, though it is one way to ensure that all of your materials are from your native surroundings. As part of the manufacturing process, Ghillie Suits must be “seasoned” in mud, manure, or a combination of both to ensure that your human scent will be completely camouflaged when out in the fields. The most common materials used to construct Ghillie Suits are burlap and jute, which are sewn to the garment in strips using invisible thread. Other materials are then added to give the suit a more realistic and 3D effect. Seasoned and professional hunters & snipers have found that purchasing a Ghillie Suit is much more cost effective and time saving in the long run.

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