Nordic Destination-An Analysis

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Going on a tour to a place of natural beauty is something which most of us look forward to, and eco tourism is one way of doing this by causing as little damage to the environment as possible. Eco tourism is of fairly recent origin, but its popularity is growing at a fast rate. Unlike regular forms of tourism, eco tourism involves responsible travel to places of natural beauty and charm, causing less impact on the environment and with consideration for the local culture and people. One motto for eco tourists would be to ‘Take only pictures, leave only footprints’.

Though a huge revenue earner for a lot of countries, regular forms of tourism also causes much harm to tourist centers.  This includes exploitation of poor people, pollution, rise in prices, adverse impact on culture and minimal benefits to the local population (as most of the profits are appropriated by tour operators and hotels). An example is the popular tourist resort of Kovalam, in Southern India. This is a beautiful stretch of beach attracting a lot of foreign and domestic tourists, and a big revenue earner for the state tourism department. However a lot of poor people including women and children are exploited in the name of attracting tourists. A lot of unscrupulous people have also set up fake Ayurvedic massage centers near the beach, exploiting the fame of this traditional form of treatment. Browse this site listing about

This is where eco tourism can lend a helping hand. Not only would it be a source of income for the local population, tourists can positively contribute towards the maintenance and development of the places they visit. For local transport, you may choose from walking, cycling or public transport instead of using cars. Taking care not to litter, and not to damage the environment in any way by removing stones or plucking flowers and plants are also part of this movement. Learning a few important words in the local language would help easier communication with the local population. It is very useful to read and get more information about the culture and tradition of the people so that it is easier to understand and communicate with them.

In the state of Karnataka, where I stay, some of centers being developed for eco tourism include the national parks of Bandipur and Nagarhole and the hill station of Coorg. In my home state of Kerala, national parks including the Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary and the Silent Valley Forest, back waters in Alleppey and the Munnar high ranges are ideal spots. As most of these places attract a large number of regular tourists, too, it would only take a little effort to convince likely tourists to try this alternative.

If you are planning to go on an eco tourism holiday, however, it is advisable to check the credentials of the tour operator and the place to be visited. Due to the popularity of the concept, a lot of tour operators and businessmen try to cash in on the concept by organizing fake eco tourism ventures with scant regard for the preservation or protection of the site or benefit for the local people. By simply building a multi-storied hotel nearby natural surroundings, some operators advertise their business as eco tourism. A little bit of back ground check can eliminate these risks.