Silk Pillowcase Benefits-Things To Know

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The softness of the silk will also prevent you from waking up with an enormous crease on the side of your face. The end result is skin that is much less dried out, smoother, and because silk allows your skin to hold onto its natural moisture, it also helps to prevent breakouts caused from dryness.

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Silk pillows will allow your hair to simply “be” while you sleep. You’ll wake up with less tangles, dryness, and hair that still looks practically the same as the day before. If you choose to purchase a silk pillow case, be sure that you pick out one that matches your overall bedding suit. You can find silk in a wide array of colors at affordable prices. They make a wonderful addition to your bedroom suit, as well as a great gift. There are both children’s and adult pillows to choose from. A tip to keep in mind when shopping for silk pillow cases are to make sure that the thread count is at least 400 (for better quality). Sleeping on cotton pillowcases is normal and most people don’t think of them as rough. Truth be told, most people don’t think much about them at all. But after sleeping on silk for any length of time, the differences between the two are quite stark. The coolness and smoothness of a silk pillow case is something that, although difficult to describe, once experienced is unlikely to be forgotten. While certain weaves of cotton, percale for example, have a reputation for being crisp and smooth, nothing competes with silk for smoothness. The phrase is “smooth as silk” not “smooth as cotton percale” for a reason.